How It Works

The Kryterion Online Proctoring system is designed so that the transition from instructor to test taker and proctor can be as seamless as possible. With our Internet-based approach, online proctors can connect with test takers virtually anywhere. Our stringent verification process allows certified proctors to ensure that exam integrity is intact every time an exam begins. But the monitoring process doesn't stop there. Our proctors continue to observe the testing session and record any unauthorized behavior.

Test Takers

  • Once your instructor has created an account, they'll share a link with you that will give you access to the exam. Visit our log-in page and enter your username and password.

  • When you've logged in and chosen the correct exam, one of our online proctors will be waiting to complete the verification process.

  • You will connect via your webcam and microphone with your proctor, who will first ask you to hold a valid ID up to the camera.

  • After the proctor verifies that your ID matches your image appearing on their web camera, they will ask you to answer a few security questions. These will further ensure that the correct person is taking the exam.

Our Online Proctors

  • Our proctors first verify a person's identity by asking them to hold a valid ID up to the web camera. They then compare the ID shown on screen to the face of the person taking the exam.

  • After their identity has been visually confirmed, our proctor will prompt the test taker to answer a few security questions that will serve to further guarantee the test taker's authenticity.

  • Once the test taker answers these questions correctly, they can launch their exam and we will observe the test taker throughout their entire exam session.